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Depok Beach

If you google image “Indonesia Beach” you will find pictures of pristine tranquil tropical beaches, with white sandy beach and clear blue water complete with coconut tree. For the location, you probably find popular tourist destination such as Bali, Lombok and Raja Ampat (west papua). Those pictures maybe look similar to the beach in Thailand or Philippine and many other beach in south east asia.

Well, Depok Beach is different, it’s located near fishermen village on Java and it’s destination for local tourist.

Indonesia consist of lots of scattered small islands, 5 large island here in Indonesia is relatively very small compared to a continent, so technically wherever we go here in Indonesia we can find beaches everywhere. Not all the beach in Indonesia is pristine and tranquil, there are also beach that always full with local tourist every weekend and busy with fishermen activity on regular day. Local people in Indonesia go to the beach in full clothes, not wearing bathing suit or bikini. Little children swim in their underwears or naked, but teenage or adults will jump into water with full clothes. Not because the weather is cold, but because short and tight clothes are appropriate in publics, especially in more traditional area such as Depok Beach. The ladies will find a spot to sit in the shade because most of the ladies here are afraid of getting their skin tanned.

This is the look of local beaches in Indonesia. The sand is black in color because the beach located near the volcano. So the sand were mixed with volcano ashes that blew away during eruption.

2014 Jogja - 4893 copy

2014 Jogja - 4894 copy


Blue Ukulele

In the last view months i was thinking to buy ukulele. I thought it will be cool to bring along music instrument while travel. I often imagined myself playing guitar while waiting for sunset on the beach. But for me guitar is too big to carry everywhere. Then I had this idea to buy ukulele, a music instrument that almost similar with guitar but a lot smaller therefore I could carry around everywhere.

I was so lucky. Before I buy ukulele for myself, one of my friend sent me blue ukulele as a gift. It’s a Light blue, my favorite color because it’s the same color as sky, the color of ocean and the color of mountains from distance.

The funny thing about this friend who sent me ukulele as a gift is that I never meet her in person. We knew each other on social media and become friends. We never meet each other because we are living in different Island in Indonesia. There are five big Islands in Indonesia : Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan (Borneo), Sulawesi (Celebes), and half part of Papua that belongs to Indonesian region. I live in Jakarta which located in Java Island, and my friend lives in Kalimantan (Borneo).

View days after I received the blue ukulele I went to the beach. That was when my dream to play music on the beach came true.

IMG_6641 copy