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Red Square of Malacca City

Malacca is one of the historical city on UNESCO’s Heritage List. It was one of the main trading post in the 15th century. The Malacca Sultanate become so famous because of its strategic position at the silk road, it’s located on the sea route between India and China.

In modern-day it become the state of Malaysia. This is the place where Malay, Chinese and Indian built their own society and maintained their culture until now.

On 16th century, Portuguese conquered Malacca city and build a fortress there. But The Dutch came one century after it, attacked the city and took it over from the Portuguese. The fortress destroyed and now we can only see the ruins.

Dutch build their administrative office on 1650 using red material that they brought from their hometown. The place still exist and used as a museum.

People call it Red Square of Malacca City.

The Buildings

The Garden

Flowery Trishaw

The Church

Tower Clock

The Floor

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Sunset at Tanjung Pendam

Last week while at Belitung Island I posted one picture of Bukit Batu (Hill of Rocks) beach. And now I’m going to post more pictures of Belitung Island. This time from another beach called Tanjung Pendam.

Tanjung Pendam is a beach at the capital of Belitung Island, Tanjung Pandan. It was nice and quiet there. Perfect place to enjoy romantic sunset.


Bukit Batu Beach

Bukit batu means rock hill in english, because there are lots of giant limestone rocks in this white sand beach.

Just got back from holiday

Sunbathing on Phuket Island

It’s been so long since I’ve posted something here. Almost forgot that I have  this blog 😀

I just got back from 5 days holiday to 3 cities in 2 countries. I went to Penang, Malaysia and then cross the Sadao border to Thailand. I stayed at Krabi town for 1 night and the continued my journey to Phuket where I met my sister and her boyfriend.

Now, I’m preparing myself for another 3 days holiday on Belitung Island, Indonesia. Although the weather is not really nice right now here in Indonesia – with all the raining and all, I hope I can still enjoy the beautiful beach of Belitung Island.

I’m leaving on next Friday and I can’t wait to get there. I’m sure it’ll be so much fun and I promise I’ll post it here. Well, I did made a promise to myself to write in this blog more often.  And blog walking more often too… ^__^

I want to share a good news, well it’s quite old news hahaa..

Few months ago my Indonesian Blog reviewed on one of a Girl Magazine in Indonesia.  I didn’t knew that my blog was ion magazine until one of my friend tagged me a picture on Facebook. Fortunately, she read the magazine and coincidentally found my blog being reviewed there.

Well, it’s in Indonesian language. But the review was about the unique places I’ve been on my journey in all around Indonesia. Those places that I also wish to share here 😀

Bentor Ride

Bentor is a local transportation in Sulawesi. It’s almost similar with Becak (trishaw) in Java. The difference is Bentor use motorcyle. Sometimes this vehicles equipped with loud speakers and played loud musics. The owner also decorated and modified their Bentor to looked attractive.

In my previous post I mentioned about Bentor ride On Gorontalo city. What I’m about to show in the video is view from Bentor ride on Kotamobagu city.

Kotamobagu is also a small city, same as Gorontalo. This city is located 4 hours from Manado (capital city of North Sulawesi). This is the city where my father grew up.

Now the city population is about 120,000 people. Most of them are farmers.

Otanaha Fort at Gorontalo

Gorontalo is a new province in Indonesia. The capital city have the same name as it province, Gorontalo city. For those of you who love diving, this place is underwater paradise. Located very near the equatorial, this area offers very rich biodiversity. Tomini bay is the favorite diving spot at this area.

To get to Gorontalo, you can take direct flight from Jakarta, Indonesia. It’s around 3 hours flight. Other than diving, there’s actually not much to do in this developing city. Hence, it’s a quiet and peaceful little city. Tour the city on Bentor – the unique local transportation.

Bentor ride

Gorontalo city

Not far from the city there is a Fort build in 15th century by King Ilato, the king of that region in the past before Indonesia united and become one nation. The fort abandoned  for several years until King Ilato’s son found it. The name of the son was Naha.

Ota means Fort in Gorontalo language. So this place called Otanaha, means the fort of Naha. Otanaha consist of 1 big main fort and 2 smaller fort, build on the hill with beautiful scenery of Gorontalo city and Lake Limboto.

Inside the main fort

Fort wall

View from inside the fort

View of Lake Limboto

Sunset Terrace

Pura Tanah Lot in Bali have special place to watch for sunset called Sunset Terrace. We can view the temple from above while resting on the café drink fresh coconut. We can shop on our way up to the terrace, there are lot’s of merchants selling souvenir and arts.



There was ceremony when I arrived at the temple, so it was very crowded.

Visit Tanah Lot Official Website to check event and ceremony held at the temple


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My Favorite Temples at Bali: Uluwatu & Tanah Lot

Pura Tanah Lot

Who doesn’t know Bali. This island, which located in Indonesia, is more famous than the country itself. What do you think when you hear Bali? Beach..? Sunbathing..? Surfing..? and… Beach ? Well, Bali sure has lots of beautiful Beaches… Kuta, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Lovina. But that’s not the reason I love Bali.

More than 90% of Balinese’s religion are Hindu, one of the oldest religion exist in Indonesia. Lots of Indonesian Culture and Tradition came from the era when Hinduism was majority in Indonesia. Many temples were build hundred years ago, when Hindu Kingdom rule Indonesia. At that time the civilization were already advance.

View from Pura Uluwatu

In Bali, where Hindu is still a majority there are many beautiful temples to visit. Maybe because Balinese are very creative people with high sense of art than the rest of Indonesians, they build very artistic and stunning temples at very beautiful places with extraordinary view. Indonesian name for Hindu Temple is Pura.

My favorite temples in Bali are Pura Uluwatu and Pura Tanah Lot. Both of Pura build near the ocean. Pura Uluwatu stands on top of the cliff by the sea. Pura Tanah Lot builds on huge rock near the sea. From both of the temples we can enjoy the gorgeous view of sunset.

Friendly little monkey

In front of Pura Uluwatu there’s a forest where little monkeys live free. These creatures believed as holly creatures that guard the temple. And they’re nice and friendly too.

To go to these temples, you can join travel from hotels or travel agent in Bali. Or you can rent a car include the driver with approximate rate IDR 500,000 / day (or around USD 48). While on your way to Pura Uluwatu, you can stop by at Garuda Wisnu Kencana where you can find a very huge statue of Wisnu (One of Hindu God) riding his bird called Garuda.

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Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo is one of the most famous active volcano for tourist destination in Indonesia. It surprised me that this is also a famous destination for foreign tourist.

The nearest capital city is Surabaya. I try to take public transportation to get there. From Jakarta I took a flight to Surabaya, capital city of East Java Province.

Started the journey from Djuanda International Airport in Surabaya, I took a Damri Bus to Bungurasih Bus Terminal. Damri Bus can be found inside the airport area. At Bungurasih Terminal, I took another Bus to go to Probolinggo City. The Bus is Air Conditioned and I only payed IDR 23.000/person , to Probolinggo Terminal.

After 3 hours, I arrived at Probolinggo. The bus ended at Probolinggo Terminal. Exit the Terminal, there were people offered public car (mini van) transport directly to Cemara Lawang Village, located at Mount Bromo Foothills. The rate is IDR 25.000/person.

I went there without hotel reservation and it eventually a very big mistake since it was a public holiday, all hotels and guesthouse are full except for 1 economy room (IDR 110.000/night/room) at Bromo Permai Hotel.

My second mistake was, I didn’t order to rent a Jeep in the morning so I almost didn’t got a Jeep to rent to watched sunrise early in the morning. But I manage to get one anyway. The Jeep rent rate is IDR 300.000/car.

At 3 AM people from the hotel will knocked at the doors to wake the guests. Watching sunrise at Bromo Mountain is what every guest expected when they went to Bromo. I went to Pananjakan by Jeep at 4.30 AM. When I arrived it was already crowded, so the Jeep couldn’t make it to the top. I walked for almost 4 km to the entrance gate of Pananjakan and climb the stairs to get to  top. But it was too crowded, I couldn’t even stand. And it was too cloudy so the sunrise covered by cloud.

Cloudy Sunrise at Pananjakan

Cloudy Sunrise at Pananjakan

I bought a glass of coffee milk, sipped it while enjoyed the fresh & cold morning air breeze. It was heaven.

At around 7 AM, I went back to where the Jeep was parked. The Jeep driver took us for a tour ride crossing dessert and savanna, it almost felt like Paris-Dakkar Rally.



And finally I arrived at Mount Bromo, climbing thousand of stair threads to mountain peak. If you’re not an athletic person like myself, I recommend you to rent a horse that will take you to the top of mountain without loosing your breath. I didn’t rent a horse and I really felt like loosing my breath to get on top 😀

View from Top of Mount Bromo


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Amateur Traveller: the intro

It all started almost 5 years ago, I started to travel around Indonesia and found out what a beautiful and diversity country I live in.

The beaches, mountains, cultures….. all of those thing made me want to explore more.

Unfortunately my time as a traveler is limited, therefore the places to explore also. As an ordinary office employee with an average wage, all I can afford is only to be an amateur traveler.

However, the limitation is not stopping me for sharing my experience.I believe there are more amateur traveler like me than the professional one. From my own experience, an amateur traveler with limitation (especially budget) prefer simple things.

I have a Bahasa Indonesian blog since 2008. So if you understand Bahasa, you should visit If you don’t understand, you should visit too, at least you can still enjoy the pictures.

Mmm.. well, my pictures most of all 😀