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Sunset at Tanjung Pendam

Last week while at Belitung Island I posted one picture of Bukit Batu (Hill of Rocks) beach. And now I’m going to post more pictures of Belitung Island. This time from another beach called Tanjung Pendam.

Tanjung Pendam is a beach at the capital of Belitung Island, Tanjung Pandan. It was nice and quiet there. Perfect place to enjoy romantic sunset.



Bukit Batu Beach

Bukit batu means rock hill in english, because there are lots of giant limestone rocks in this white sand beach.

First Mobile Post

Just installed WordPress App on my Blackberry. So this is kinda experimental mobile post 😀

I saw something on the street today. A car, full loaded with stuffs and there was a man on top of it. Very dangerous. I hope that man didn’t fell off  on the street and got hit by a bus. Scary -_____-”

Just got back from holiday

Sunbathing on Phuket Island

It’s been so long since I’ve posted something here. Almost forgot that I have  this blog 😀

I just got back from 5 days holiday to 3 cities in 2 countries. I went to Penang, Malaysia and then cross the Sadao border to Thailand. I stayed at Krabi town for 1 night and the continued my journey to Phuket where I met my sister and her boyfriend.

Now, I’m preparing myself for another 3 days holiday on Belitung Island, Indonesia. Although the weather is not really nice right now here in Indonesia – with all the raining and all, I hope I can still enjoy the beautiful beach of Belitung Island.

I’m leaving on next Friday and I can’t wait to get there. I’m sure it’ll be so much fun and I promise I’ll post it here. Well, I did made a promise to myself to write in this blog more often.  And blog walking more often too… ^__^

I want to share a good news, well it’s quite old news hahaa..

Few months ago my Indonesian Blog reviewed on one of a Girl Magazine in Indonesia.  I didn’t knew that my blog was ion magazine until one of my friend tagged me a picture on Facebook. Fortunately, she read the magazine and coincidentally found my blog being reviewed there.

Well, it’s in Indonesian language. But the review was about the unique places I’ve been on my journey in all around Indonesia. Those places that I also wish to share here 😀