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Next Destination : Australia

Yay! Finally my tourist visa approved.

So it is official now that my next travel destination for year 2012 is Australia. I only plan to go to Melbourne and Sydney, because I only have 10 days. I can’t go to Australia Great Barrier Reef this time, eventhough I really wanted to. But I will go to Great Ocean Road, hopefully I can see Koala and Kangaroo on the way there. I’m so excited.

So I guess I will be busy making my itinerary, booking hotels and tours this week and pin some pictures on my Australia board on my pinterest πŸ˜€

Australia, here I come….




Introducing the youngest member in the family.

Her name is Bluwek, 5 months old.

She likes to hide in box, plastic bag and hand bag.

Bluwek when she was a baby cat


The picture was taken when Bluwek was still 1 month old. She found a jewelry box and step inside it even if it was too small. She tried to fit herself in it, and fell asleep in 5 minutes.

Bluwek, slept in a box

Bluwek is bigger now, she can climb to higher places. Sometimes maybe Bluwek think she’s an eagle or a parrot, because she likes to climb and stand in my shoulder. Weird cat.

Bluwek the eagle

Bluwek also likes to watch TV. She always stay in front of TV every morning to watch K-pop music show on television. I will not surprise if one day I see her doing K-pop girlband’s dance πŸ˜€

Bluwek loves K-pop music


Lady Gaga in Concert

Lady Gaga Tickets

Lady Gaga Tickets

After queuing for 6 hours, yesterday I finally got Lady Gaga concert tickets. When I arrived yesterday morning, saturday on 7 am, there already more than 2.000 little monsters waiting in line. Some of them already there since midnight.

The tickets sold at some cities in Indonesia and also online. The last news I heard, 40.000 tickets were sold yesterday.

Indonesia really love Mama Monster. LOL.

Visa document preparation

I just told my parents yesterday that I’m planning to go to Australia next month. I’ve been travel a lot (for work and leisure) this 5 years, but I still worried to tell my parents about my next traveling plan. Worried that they won’t allow me to go. But if they did objected, I still go anyway πŸ˜€

I just go through the first barrier, my parents.

I still have to pass the next barrier, visa document. This visa thing makes me mentally and psychologically stress out. Because even though all the requirements completed, we can still got rejected by the embassy. Especially some of the country which is very difficult for Indonesian to apply for Visa, such as America and Australia.

I already bought all my tickets last year, because there were promo and I bought the tickets very cheap. If my tourist visa rejected, I should say goodbye to the tickets and the money I used to bought that.

Reading other people experience in applying Australian Visa document made me more nauseous. A lot of them got rejected even if they have enough money on their account, have a supporting letter, have an invitation letter.

While I don’t have invitation or supporting letter and I still have no idea if the money in my account will be enough. There seems to be no clear explanation about how much money you should have in your account to get your visa approved. I’m justΒ  guessing.

Visa document really is a problem if you’re Indonesian and enjoy travel. Sometimes I envy Americans, they can go almost everywhere in this whole world without going through the torture of applying visa document. LOL.

Jaka Tarub and Nawang Wulan

This is one of Indonesia Folklore.

Once upon a time there was a handsome young man, his name was Jaka Tarub. A lot of women in the village liked him, but he stays single because he wanted to have a very beautiful wife.

One night, it was full moon at that time, Jaka Tarub was walking in the wood. Suddenly he hear sounds of women near waterfall. He slowly came close to the direction of sounds, he hide behind the trees and saw 7 beautiful women taking a bath.

Those women were so beautiful, Jaka Tarub thought they must be angels (bidadari). He stole one of the shawl of the angel and he wait, behind the dark shadow of trees.

Angels or Bidadari in Indonesian folklore usually didn’t have wings, they fly with their shawl. Bidadari live high above the earth, the place called Kahyangan (almost similar with heaven).

It was time for the Bidadari to come home to Kahyangan. One of the Bidadari soon realise she lost her shawl. She said to her sisters, “I lost my shawl, I can’t go back yet. But I will find it and I will come back. You girls go ahead.”

The Bidadari who lost her shawl is Nawang Wulan.

She tried to find the shawl but she couldn’t find it. She got so depressed and feel alone and she cried. That was the time Jaka Tarub came to her. Comfort her and promise he will help her find the shawl so that she could come back to Kahyangan.

After some time she still couldn’t find the shawl, she desperately thought that there’s no way she could come home. Then, Jaka Tarub married her. They have a son. But for all that time, Jaka Tarub hide Nawang Wulan’s shawl in barn where he keep the rice.

But lies – no matter how hard you try to hide it, will discovered eventually. One day Nawang Wulan accidentally saw her shawl when she wanted to get rice to cooked. And she took the shawl, leave Jaka Tarub and their son to come home to Kahyangan, where she belong.

Nawang Wulan said to Jaka Tarub, ” I’m sorry I have to go, but this is not where I belong. Every time you and our son miss me, please just look at the moon (Wulan). I’ll always be there watching over two of you.”

Nawang Wulan flew away to Kahyangan and Jaka Tarub feel very sad.

The moral of the story from my opinion, we can’t force love to happen and we can’t force someone to love us. If that person don’t belong to us, the person will go away soon or later.

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