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Amateur Traveller: the intro

It all started almost 5 years ago, I started to travel around Indonesia and found out what a beautiful and diversity country I live in.

The beaches, mountains, cultures….. all of those thing made me want to explore more.

Unfortunately my time as a traveler is limited, therefore the places to explore also. As an ordinary office employee with an average wage, all I can afford is only to be an amateur traveler.

However, the limitation is not stopping me for sharing my experience.I believe there are more amateur traveler like me than the professional one. From my own experience, an amateur traveler with limitation (especially budget) prefer simple things.

I have a Bahasa Indonesian blog since 2008. So if you understand Bahasa, you should visit If you don’t understand, you should visit too, at least you can still enjoy the pictures.

Mmm.. well, my pictures most of all 😀


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