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Drive Books not Cars

Hi. How’s your weekend? I hope it was great.

I went on a second-hand books sale on Sunday morning. This was a social events. People donated the books and the money from book sales donated for unfortunate children – Orphans and poor children who can’t afford to go to school.

The sale held in front of EX Plaza, a shopping mall on Sudirman Street. Sudirman Street is one of the busiest business center in Jakarta, I think maybe this is like Wallstreet version of Indonesia. On Monday to Friday this street is always in traffic jam. On Sunday from 6.00 AM – 12.00 AM there is “Car Free Day”, cars not allowed to pass on this street. People use it for sports such as jogging and bicycling. So I guess this is why the event called “Drive Books not Cars”


Books sale

The books price range from IDR 5.000-50.000 (USD 0.50 – 5). I think it was a great deal because there were lot’s of good books and the conditions were still good. I arrived there on 8.00 AM in the morning with my friends, Lily & Shelomita. By 9 AM I already got 6 books. I got a cute bag because I bought more than 5 books.

The Nerds -> Shelomita, Lily and me

I’m so excited because not only I got good books at great price, but the money donated to help the education for the children. Next year I will donate my books too.

Now, let’s see what I got in my shopping bag ^___^

the cute yellow bag for free


I have Travel books, Chicklits, “Angel and Demons” and one of Paul Scot’s. I got the later two books for only IDR 5000 (around USD 0.5). I also got Australia Lonely Planet for only IDR 50000 (USD 5), the book didn’t look like second-hand, it was still in a perfect condition. I think this is kind of (good) karma for me because two years ago I gave the same book as a birthday present for my friend who were going to Australia for study.  And now when I need the book, I got it for a very cheap price.

Lonely Planet for only IDR 50000

Another travel book for IDR 35000

This is exactly the kind of book I need, How to be Single 😀 (IDR 35000)

I like Alexandra Potter's book, she's smart and funny (IDR 35000)

Angels & Demons (IDR 5000)

This is Paul Scot's book and it was filmed, can't wait to read it (IDR 5000)


Vincent Will Meer

I’ve just watched “Vincent will meer”, in English the title translated to Vincent wants to sea. This is a movie about a young man suffers from Tourette’s Syndrome who wants to fulfill his mother’s final wish to go to the place in the background of her photograph, a sea in Italy. That’s what I read in the review.

I watched the movie in German with  no English Subtitle, so I don’t understand the conversation. I really enjoy the beautiful scenery in the movie. And I really think that this is a great movie about friendship and family…. I wish I understand Germany -___-”

The first time I knew about this movie was from my friend’s blog, Rossa. She said that the movie is on YouTube in 6 sections. So I watched it right away.

Tourette’s syndrome is a neurological disorder that makes Vincent can’t control his action. After his mother’s funeral, his father send him to rehabilitation center where he met Alex – who is suffering from obsessive compulsive. Alex is very obsessed with cleanliness. He also meet Marie, a girl with eating disorder.

One day Marie steal their Psychiatrist’s car key to help Vincent go to the place in his mother’s picture he always carry with him.  In the night they want to escape from the rehabilitation center, Alex caught them and threaten to report their escape plan. Vincent and Marie have to bring Alex with them to prevent him destroy the plan. This is when the adventure starts. Vincent, Alex & Marie on a journey to Italy while Vincent’s father & the psychiatrist are following them.

One more thing I find interesting is that even though I don’t understand the language, I can see the characters of every person (Vincent, Marie, Alex, the psychiatric and Vincent’s father)  in the movie clearly. And one thing I love most about the movie is the beautiful scenery.

I wish I can go to those places someday….

Monday – Holiday

I Love Monday…. Only for today :p

Today is a public holiday to celebrate Chinese New Year.
More than 2% citizen in Indonesia are Chinese ethnic, most of them migrated and settled since 17th century. Their culture was not indigenous, but they considered as having significant role in Indonesia. So to respect it the government make the Lunar or Chinese New Year as a public holiday.

Today is also the 15th day of my crystal flower. It’s beautiful. There’s a little lamp attached on the cork lid, so the light shining on the crystal and making it glow.

City Lights from Parking Lot

Yesterday I went to one of shopping mall in Jakarta, the city where I live. I went there many times but usually I parked in the basement. But yesterday the basements are full so I have to parked in the parking building which is located on the 9th floor.

Unexpected, when I was about to went home on 10.40pm, I saw the city view from the parking lot.
I took the pic with my camera phone so the quality might not be so good.

Blackout is Over

Yesterday when I searched something on Google I found the information linked to Wikipedia page. But when I clicked on the link I found this:

Wikipedia Blackout

24 hours have passed and today I opened English Wikipedia page again. The Blackout is over.

You can find the complete information here

Few minutes ago when I opened WordPress Page, I found this:

WordPress is doing act too, I think

I think this what WordPress will look like because of the SOPA and PIPA regulation.

From what I understand, this regulation is to stop piracy in online media. I don’t like piracy either, I think it’s equal to stealing. But without intended to do any infringement of copyright law, I hope I can still cover my favorite song on YouTube… like this 😉

Ups! Sorry, I think I might have ruined the song 😀

Growing Crystal Flower

On my last birthday, my younger sister gave me this present – a Crystal Flower.  I was quite busy back then and almost forgot about the crystal flower. So after 5 months, I finally grow the flower.

This is how to do it:

How to grow crystal flower

It looked easy but still I worried if something goes wrong and the crystal will not grow.

First thing to do is to pour boiling water into the bottle together with the crystal powder and stir it. After it dissolve completely, put the blue crystal tablet and put the cork lid on.  After 24 hour, remove the cork lid and the growing tablet will begin to grow into beautiful crystal powder. I have to wait until 12-15 days until it perfectly grow.

The items of Crystal Flower: the directions, glass bottle, wooden stick to stir, cork lid, crystal powder and the blue crystal tablet.

I followed the stage 1,2 and 3 in the directions carefully. Put the cork lid and wait until the next day on 5:57 pm.

It was Monday, and I hurried to go home from the office to opened the bottle exactly at 5:57 pm. This is what it looked like after 24 hours.

the crystal tablet after 24 hours

Small crystals begin to initiated around the surface of tablet.  Refers to the direction I have to wait 12 – 15 days until the crystal growth reach maximum level.

It feels like ages. It’s day-8 now, and the crystal flower already look like this:

After 8 days

I still have to wait another 7 days. Eeergh I don’t really have the patience of waiting. Well, this could be an exercise for me   -______-“

Red Square of Malacca City

Malacca is one of the historical city on UNESCO’s Heritage List. It was one of the main trading post in the 15th century. The Malacca Sultanate become so famous because of its strategic position at the silk road, it’s located on the sea route between India and China.

In modern-day it become the state of Malaysia. This is the place where Malay, Chinese and Indian built their own society and maintained their culture until now.

On 16th century, Portuguese conquered Malacca city and build a fortress there. But The Dutch came one century after it, attacked the city and took it over from the Portuguese. The fortress destroyed and now we can only see the ruins.

Dutch build their administrative office on 1650 using red material that they brought from their hometown. The place still exist and used as a museum.

People call it Red Square of Malacca City.

The Buildings

The Garden

Flowery Trishaw

The Church

Tower Clock

The Floor

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Goodreads | 2012 Reading Challenge

Give me one good  book and I can sit all day long reading it. I can’t remember when were the first time I interested in books. Maybe since I was very little. I remembered read Enid Blyton’s novels and child detective serials.

I like fiction and fantasy story. But recently I got interested in history, especially Indonesia history. Soon after my journey to Cambodia, when I wrote about it on my Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language) blog, somehow I read that once upon a  time Cambodia was under Sriwijaya Kingdom’s territory.

Sriwijaya Kingdom existed on 7th century – 14th century. Its capital was on the island of Sumatera, but its territory included the area that in modern-day become Malay Peninsula, Thailand and Cambodia.  Suddenly I got very curious about this great kingdom and I bought a book written by Coedes about history of Indonesia Archipelago before Islam came to  the islands and before the Dutch arrived and build a colony here. After I finished reading the book, I got more and more interested in history.

I also like chicklit novels, especially if its funny.

I  love Lord of the Rings Trilogy, but I don’t like Harry Potter.

I also dislike story about triangle love between human, werewolf and vampire :p

According to Goodreads record (a social media for bookworm) last year I read 16 books. So this year I decided to join Goodreads | 2012 Reading Challenge.

My goal is to read 20 books in one year and 5 of the books are history.

Well, wish me luck (^__^)b