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Bentor Ride

Bentor is a local transportation in Sulawesi. It’s almost similar with Becak (trishaw) in Java. The difference is Bentor use motorcyle. Sometimes this vehicles equipped with loud speakers and played loud musics. The owner also decorated and modified their Bentor to looked attractive.

In my previous post I mentioned about Bentor ride On Gorontalo city. What I’m about to show in the video is view from Bentor ride on Kotamobagu city.

Kotamobagu is also a small city, same as Gorontalo. This city is located 4 hours from Manado (capital city of North Sulawesi). This is the city where my father grew up.

Now the city population is about 120,000 people. Most of them are farmers.


Otanaha Fort at Gorontalo

Gorontalo is a new province in Indonesia. The capital city have the same name as it province, Gorontalo city. For those of you who love diving, this place is underwater paradise. Located very near the equatorial, this area offers very rich biodiversity. Tomini bay is the favorite diving spot at this area.

To get to Gorontalo, you can take direct flight from Jakarta, Indonesia. It’s around 3 hours flight. Other than diving, there’s actually not much to do in this developing city. Hence, it’s a quiet and peaceful little city. Tour the city on Bentor – the unique local transportation.

Bentor ride

Gorontalo city

Not far from the city there is a Fort build in 15th century by King Ilato, the king of that region in the past before Indonesia united and become one nation. The fort abandoned  for several years until King Ilato’s son found it. The name of the son was Naha.

Ota means Fort in Gorontalo language. So this place called Otanaha, means the fort of Naha. Otanaha consist of 1 big main fort and 2 smaller fort, build on the hill with beautiful scenery of Gorontalo city and Lake Limboto.

Inside the main fort

Fort wall

View from inside the fort

View of Lake Limboto