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Vincent Will Meer

I’ve just watched “Vincent will meer”, in English the title translated to Vincent wants to sea. This is a movie about a young man suffers from Tourette’s Syndrome who wants to fulfill his mother’s final wish to go to the place in the background of her photograph, a sea in Italy. That’s what I read in the review.

I watched the movie in German with  no English Subtitle, so I don’t understand the conversation. I really enjoy the beautiful scenery in the movie. And I really think that this is a great movie about friendship and family…. I wish I understand Germany -___-”

The first time I knew about this movie was from my friend’s blog, Rossa. She said that the movie is on YouTube in 6 sections. So I watched it right away.

Tourette’s syndrome is a neurological disorder that makes Vincent can’t control his action. After his mother’s funeral, his father send him to rehabilitation center where he met Alex – who is suffering from obsessive compulsive. Alex is very obsessed with cleanliness. He also meet Marie, a girl with eating disorder.

One day Marie steal their Psychiatrist’s car key to help Vincent go to the place in his mother’s picture he always carry with him.  In the night they want to escape from the rehabilitation center, Alex caught them and threaten to report their escape plan. Vincent and Marie have to bring Alex with them to prevent him destroy the plan. This is when the adventure starts. Vincent, Alex & Marie on a journey to Italy while Vincent’s father & the psychiatrist are following them.

One more thing I find interesting is that even though I don’t understand the language, I can see the characters of every person (Vincent, Marie, Alex, the psychiatric and Vincent’s father)  in the movie clearly. And one thing I love most about the movie is the beautiful scenery.

I wish I can go to those places someday….