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My best blogger friends and their book

Back on Monday, sigh…

I forgot to program my alarm, so I woke up late at 5.00 AM this morning. I supposed to wake up at 4.30 AM because usually I went to office at 5.30 AM before morning traffic jam and that is before the sunrise.

I jumped out panic from bed, straight to bathroom, got dressed and ran to my car. Thank God I still could made it on time, but I still feel headache because I woke up in panic attack 😀

There are tons of work waiting, but before I start I should refresh my brain, blogging.

What I love most about blogging is that I can made new friends and best friends.  One of my best friend is Rossa. We knew each other on blog. We have the same interest which is traveling, even though we haven’t travel together yet.

She just launched a book about traveling. She won a traveling contest. The contestant made an itinerary and proposal to the place they wanted to travel and the most interesting proposal won the contest. The winner got to travel to the place on the proposal and should make a book based on the experience.

Rossa won and the book she wrote just published. The books are available now in all the book store in Jakarta, soon it will be available all over Indonesia.

Rossa's book at the bookstore

The writer

my copy signed by the writer 😀

I have another best blogger friend who will publish a book soon. He write a traveling book about New Zealand. This one is my traveling friend also. We traveled to Vietnam and Cambodia two years ago, before that we also traveled around Indonesia for work, we use to worked in the same office. Then he went to Australia. I  guess he traveled more than study :p

Cipu, my blogger friend & traveling partner.


Drive Books not Cars

Hi. How’s your weekend? I hope it was great.

I went on a second-hand books sale on Sunday morning. This was a social events. People donated the books and the money from book sales donated for unfortunate children – Orphans and poor children who can’t afford to go to school.

The sale held in front of EX Plaza, a shopping mall on Sudirman Street. Sudirman Street is one of the busiest business center in Jakarta, I think maybe this is like Wallstreet version of Indonesia. On Monday to Friday this street is always in traffic jam. On Sunday from 6.00 AM – 12.00 AM there is “Car Free Day”, cars not allowed to pass on this street. People use it for sports such as jogging and bicycling. So I guess this is why the event called “Drive Books not Cars”


Books sale

The books price range from IDR 5.000-50.000 (USD 0.50 – 5). I think it was a great deal because there were lot’s of good books and the conditions were still good. I arrived there on 8.00 AM in the morning with my friends, Lily & Shelomita. By 9 AM I already got 6 books. I got a cute bag because I bought more than 5 books.

The Nerds -> Shelomita, Lily and me

I’m so excited because not only I got good books at great price, but the money donated to help the education for the children. Next year I will donate my books too.

Now, let’s see what I got in my shopping bag ^___^

the cute yellow bag for free


I have Travel books, Chicklits, “Angel and Demons” and one of Paul Scot’s. I got the later two books for only IDR 5000 (around USD 0.5). I also got Australia Lonely Planet for only IDR 50000 (USD 5), the book didn’t look like second-hand, it was still in a perfect condition. I think this is kind of (good) karma for me because two years ago I gave the same book as a birthday present for my friend who were going to Australia for study.  And now when I need the book, I got it for a very cheap price.

Lonely Planet for only IDR 50000

Another travel book for IDR 35000

This is exactly the kind of book I need, How to be Single 😀 (IDR 35000)

I like Alexandra Potter's book, she's smart and funny (IDR 35000)

Angels & Demons (IDR 5000)

This is Paul Scot's book and it was filmed, can't wait to read it (IDR 5000)

Goodreads | 2012 Reading Challenge

Give me one good  book and I can sit all day long reading it. I can’t remember when were the first time I interested in books. Maybe since I was very little. I remembered read Enid Blyton’s novels and child detective serials.

I like fiction and fantasy story. But recently I got interested in history, especially Indonesia history. Soon after my journey to Cambodia, when I wrote about it on my Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language) blog, somehow I read that once upon a  time Cambodia was under Sriwijaya Kingdom’s territory.

Sriwijaya Kingdom existed on 7th century – 14th century. Its capital was on the island of Sumatera, but its territory included the area that in modern-day become Malay Peninsula, Thailand and Cambodia.  Suddenly I got very curious about this great kingdom and I bought a book written by Coedes about history of Indonesia Archipelago before Islam came to  the islands and before the Dutch arrived and build a colony here. After I finished reading the book, I got more and more interested in history.

I also like chicklit novels, especially if its funny.

I  love Lord of the Rings Trilogy, but I don’t like Harry Potter.

I also dislike story about triangle love between human, werewolf and vampire :p

According to Goodreads record (a social media for bookworm) last year I read 16 books. So this year I decided to join Goodreads | 2012 Reading Challenge.

My goal is to read 20 books in one year and 5 of the books are history.

Well, wish me luck (^__^)b