Introducing the youngest member in the family.

Her name is Bluwek, 5 months old.

She likes to hide in box, plastic bag and hand bag.

Bluwek when she was a baby cat


The picture was taken when Bluwek was still 1 month old. She found a jewelry box and step inside it even if it was too small. She tried to fit herself in it, and fell asleep in 5 minutes.

Bluwek, slept in a box

Bluwek is bigger now, she can climb to higher places. Sometimes maybe Bluwek think she’s an eagle or a parrot, because she likes to climb and stand in my shoulder. Weird cat.

Bluwek the eagle

Bluwek also likes to watch TV. She always stay in front of TV every morning to watch K-pop music show on television. I will not surprise if one day I see her doing K-pop girlband’s dance 😀

Bluwek loves K-pop music



8 thoughts on “Bluwek

  1. jdlarkin says:

    What a sweet little kitten!

  2. Purely.. Kay says:

    Awww..that little kitten is just the cutest and so photogenic 🙂

  3. She’s such a cutie!

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