Visa document preparation

I just told my parents yesterday that I’m planning to go to Australia next month. I’ve been travel a lot (for work and leisure) this 5 years, but I still worried to tell my parents about my next traveling plan. Worried that they won’t allow me to go. But if they did objected, I still go anyway πŸ˜€

I just go through the first barrier, my parents.

I still have to pass the next barrier, visa document. This visa thing makes me mentally and psychologically stress out. Because even though all the requirements completed, we can still got rejected by the embassy. Especially some of the country which is very difficult for Indonesian to apply for Visa, such as America and Australia.

I already bought all my tickets last year, because there were promo and I bought the tickets very cheap. If my tourist visa rejected, I should say goodbye to the tickets and the money I used to bought that.

Reading other people experience in applying Australian Visa document made me more nauseous. A lot of them got rejected even if they have enough money on their account, have a supporting letter, have an invitation letter.

While I don’t have invitation or supporting letter and I still have no idea if the money in my account will be enough. There seems to be no clear explanation about how much money you should have in your account to get your visa approved. I’m justΒ  guessing.

Visa document really is a problem if you’re Indonesian and enjoy travel. Sometimes I envy Americans, they can go almost everywhere in this whole world without going through the torture of applying visa document. LOL.


4 thoughts on “Visa document preparation

  1. Lisa at fLVE says:

    Good luck Mila! And have fun in Australia! πŸ™‚

    • Mila says:

      Thank you very much, Lisa. I really need all that luck πŸ˜€

      Incase I got rejected, I still have another plan for this year : India.
      At least I don’t have to apply for visa document :p

  2. Good luck, girl! I hope you get the visa! πŸ™‚

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