Drive Books not Cars

Hi. How’s your weekend? I hope it was great.

I went on a second-hand books sale on Sunday morning. This was a social events. People donated the books and the money from book sales donated for unfortunate children – Orphans and poor children who can’t afford to go to school.

The sale held in front of EX Plaza, a shopping mall on Sudirman Street. Sudirman Street is one of the busiest business center in Jakarta, I think maybe this is like Wallstreet version of Indonesia. On Monday to Friday this street is always in traffic jam. On Sunday from 6.00 AM – 12.00 AM there is “Car Free Day”, cars not allowed to pass on this street. People use it for sports such as jogging and bicycling. So I guess this is why the event called “Drive Books not Cars”


Books sale

The books price range from IDR 5.000-50.000 (USD 0.50 – 5). I think it was a great deal because there were lot’s of good books and the conditions were still good. I arrived there on 8.00 AM in the morning with my friends, Lily & Shelomita. By 9 AM I already got 6 books. I got a cute bag because I bought more than 5 books.

The Nerds -> Shelomita, Lily and me

I’m so excited because not only I got good books at great price, but the money donated to help the education for the children. Next year I will donate my books too.

Now, let’s see what I got in my shopping bag ^___^

the cute yellow bag for free


I have Travel books, Chicklits, “Angel and Demons” and one of Paul Scot’s. I got the later two books for only IDR 5000 (around USD 0.5). I also got Australia Lonely Planet for only IDR 50000 (USD 5), the book didn’t look like second-hand, it was still in a perfect condition. I think this is kind of (good) karma for me because two years ago I gave the same book as a birthday present for my friend who were going to Australia for study.Β  And now when I need the book, I got it for a very cheap price.

Lonely Planet for only IDR 50000

Another travel book for IDR 35000

This is exactly the kind of book I need, How to be Single πŸ˜€ (IDR 35000)

I like Alexandra Potter's book, she's smart and funny (IDR 35000)

Angels & Demons (IDR 5000)

This is Paul Scot's book and it was filmed, can't wait to read it (IDR 5000)


11 thoughts on “Drive Books not Cars

  1. bibliopirate says:

    A good used book find is such a treat.

  2. foodtable says:

    Awesome finds! And what a cute bag!!!

  3. B says:

    What a great event! It looks like you made out pretty well! Enjoy those new books!

  4. Angelia Sims says:

    Nice!!! I love that the focus was on books and recycling. I imagine it was wonderful to walk the street and not worry about cars. LOVE your book picks! And that bag is too, too cute. πŸ™‚

  5. Purely.. Kay says:

    I just LOVE a ‘book drive’.. that’s what we call it here. It just looks like so much fun. I love finding a great book

  6. Lonely Planet just 50.000????….ngiler..kalau ada event gini mungkin bisa seharian aku disana..

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