Blackout is Over

Yesterday when I searched something on Google I found the information linked to Wikipedia page. But when I clicked on the link I found this:

Wikipedia Blackout

24 hours have passed and today I opened English Wikipedia page again. The Blackout is over.

You can find the complete information here

Few minutes ago when I opened WordPress Page, I found this:

WordPress is doing act too, I think

I think this what WordPress will look like because of the SOPA and PIPA regulation.

From what I understand, this regulation is to stop piracy in online media. I don’t like piracy either, I think it’s equal to stealing. But without intended to do any infringement of copyright law, I hope I can still cover my favorite song on YouTube… like this 😉

Ups! Sorry, I think I might have ruined the song 😀


4 thoughts on “Blackout is Over

  1. missymiller says:

    You sound great! You gave me a smile.

    Oh, and “Hi!”

  2. Fun video! 🙂 And yeah, I’m glad to have Wikipedia back again. 🙂

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