Red Square of Malacca City

Malacca is one of the historical city on UNESCO’s Heritage List. It was one of the main trading post in the 15th century. The Malacca Sultanate become so famous because of its strategic position at the silk road, it’s located on the sea route between India and China.

In modern-day it become the state of Malaysia. This is the place where Malay, Chinese and Indian built their own society and maintained their culture until now.

On 16th century, Portuguese conquered Malacca city and build a fortress there. But The Dutch came one century after it, attacked the city and took it over from the Portuguese. The fortress destroyed and now we can only see the ruins.

Dutch build their administrative office on 1650 using red material that they brought from their hometown. The place still exist and used as a museum.

People call it Red Square of Malacca City.

The Buildings

The Garden

Flowery Trishaw

The Church

Tower Clock

The Floor

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One thought on “Red Square of Malacca City

  1. These photos are absolutely wonderful. And I love how the color red just pops out in just about all of these photos. Simply amazing

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