Goodreads | 2012 Reading Challenge

Give me one good  book and I can sit all day long reading it. I can’t remember when were the first time I interested in books. Maybe since I was very little. I remembered read Enid Blyton’s novels and child detective serials.

I like fiction and fantasy story. But recently I got interested in history, especially Indonesia history. Soon after my journey to Cambodia, when I wrote about it on my Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language) blog, somehow I read that once upon a  time Cambodia was under Sriwijaya Kingdom’s territory.

Sriwijaya Kingdom existed on 7th century – 14th century. Its capital was on the island of Sumatera, but its territory included the area that in modern-day become Malay Peninsula, Thailand and Cambodia.  Suddenly I got very curious about this great kingdom and I bought a book written by Coedes about history of Indonesia Archipelago before Islam came to  the islands and before the Dutch arrived and build a colony here. After I finished reading the book, I got more and more interested in history.

I also like chicklit novels, especially if its funny.

I  love Lord of the Rings Trilogy, but I don’t like Harry Potter.

I also dislike story about triangle love between human, werewolf and vampire :p

According to Goodreads record (a social media for bookworm) last year I read 16 books. So this year I decided to join Goodreads | 2012 Reading Challenge.

My goal is to read 20 books in one year and 5 of the books are history.

Well, wish me luck (^__^)b


12 thoughts on “Goodreads | 2012 Reading Challenge

  1. Good luck! I loved LOTR. I really liked Harry Potter, as long as it didn’t play at the Dursleys’ home. I also liked Twilight, not for the love story (which I think is kind of pathological), but for how it entangled the mythical with the “realistical”.

    Happy reading in 2012! 🙂

  2. p49it says:

    I decided to complete 30 titles to read during 2012.

  3. I really enjoy Chicklit too! Though I have to admit that I loved the Harry Potter series as well as the Twilight series. 😉

  4. Angelia Sims says:

    I love reading too. I haven’t read so much lately. But I do remember one of my first books was at age 8 – Little Women and Island of the Blue Dolphins.

    Fantasy is a big favorite of mine. Not Harry Potter either. I LOVE George RR Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series featuring the Game of Thrones (now on HBO). His writing and his surprises is fantastic. I plan to read those again and the two newest ones that are out.

    Good luck with your quest, my husband’s ex-wife read 70 books last year. Geez!

  5. amycreates says:

    The Dexter books by Jeff Lindsay are Exquisite. And the Southern Vampire/Sookie Stackhouse that the ‘True Blood’ TV show is based on is SO fantastic. SO much better than the TV show!

    So those are my recommendations. Don’t know if you’ve ever watched the Dexter series on Showtime or not, but the books vary greatly from the show–same with ‘True Blood.’

    Also, anything by Addison Moore is SO worth reading! I have a Kindle from Amazon and I read all my books there. Addison Moore’s Celestra series is great young adult paranormal romance.

    So, serial killer with a conscience, vampires and werewolves, and good and bad angels–that’s what I’m reading now.

    Best of luck! Hopefully you’ll post your book reviews here as you finish?


  6. B says:

    I might look into that GoodReads challenge! Good luck!

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