My Favorite Temples at Bali: Uluwatu & Tanah Lot

Pura Tanah Lot

Who doesn’t know Bali. This island, which located in Indonesia, is more famous than the country itself. What do you think when you hear Bali? Beach..? Sunbathing..? Surfing..? and… Beach ? Well, Bali sure has lots of beautiful Beaches… Kuta, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Lovina. But that’s not the reason I love Bali.

More than 90% of Balinese’s religion are Hindu, one of the oldest religion exist in Indonesia. Lots of Indonesian Culture and Tradition came from the era when Hinduism was majority in Indonesia. Many temples were build hundred years ago, when Hindu Kingdom rule Indonesia. At that time the civilization were already advance.

View from Pura Uluwatu

In Bali, where Hindu is still a majority there are many beautiful temples to visit. Maybe because Balinese are very creative people with high sense of art than the rest of Indonesians, they build very artistic and stunning temples at very beautiful places with extraordinary view. Indonesian name for Hindu Temple is Pura.

My favorite temples in Bali are Pura Uluwatu and Pura Tanah Lot. Both of Pura build near the ocean. Pura Uluwatu stands on top of the cliff by the sea. Pura Tanah Lot builds on huge rock near the sea. From both of the temples we can enjoy the gorgeous view of sunset.

Friendly little monkey

In front of Pura Uluwatu there’s a forest where little monkeys live free. These creatures believed as holly creatures that guard the temple. And they’re nice and friendly too.

To go to these temples, you can join travel from hotels or travel agent in Bali. Or you can rent a car include the driver with approximate rate IDR 500,000 / day (or around USD 48). While on your way to Pura Uluwatu, you can stop by at Garuda Wisnu Kencana where you can find a very huge statue of Wisnu (One of Hindu God) riding his bird called Garuda.

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One thought on “My Favorite Temples at Bali: Uluwatu & Tanah Lot

  1. SherryGreens says:

    I love the little monkey! Your country looks very beautiful. 🙂

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