Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo is one of the most famous active volcano for tourist destination in Indonesia. It surprised me that this is also a famous destination for foreign tourist.

The nearest capital city is Surabaya. I try to take public transportation to get there. From Jakarta I took a flight to Surabaya, capital city of East Java Province.

Started the journey from Djuanda International Airport in Surabaya, I took a Damri Bus to Bungurasih Bus Terminal. Damri Bus can be found inside the airport area. At Bungurasih Terminal, I took another Bus to go to Probolinggo City. The Bus is Air Conditioned and I only payed IDR 23.000/person , to Probolinggo Terminal.

After 3 hours, I arrived at Probolinggo. The bus ended at Probolinggo Terminal. Exit the Terminal, there were people offered public car (mini van) transport directly to Cemara Lawang Village, located at Mount Bromo Foothills. The rate is IDR 25.000/person.

I went there without hotel reservation and it eventually a very big mistake since it was a public holiday, all hotels and guesthouse are full except for 1 economy room (IDR 110.000/night/room) at Bromo Permai Hotel.

My second mistake was, I didn’t order to rent a Jeep in the morning so I almost didn’t got a Jeep to rent to watched sunrise early in the morning. But I manage to get one anyway. The Jeep rent rate is IDR 300.000/car.

At 3 AM people from the hotel will knocked at the doors to wake the guests. Watching sunrise at Bromo Mountain is what every guest expected when they went to Bromo. I went to Pananjakan by Jeep at 4.30 AM. When I arrived it was already crowded, so the Jeep couldn’t make it to the top. I walked for almost 4 km to the entrance gate of Pananjakan and climb the stairs to get to  top. But it was too crowded, I couldn’t even stand. And it was too cloudy so the sunrise covered by cloud.

Cloudy Sunrise at Pananjakan

Cloudy Sunrise at Pananjakan

I bought a glass of coffee milk, sipped it while enjoyed the fresh & cold morning air breeze. It was heaven.

At around 7 AM, I went back to where the Jeep was parked. The Jeep driver took us for a tour ride crossing dessert and savanna, it almost felt like Paris-Dakkar Rally.



And finally I arrived at Mount Bromo, climbing thousand of stair threads to mountain peak. If you’re not an athletic person like myself, I recommend you to rent a horse that will take you to the top of mountain without loosing your breath. I didn’t rent a horse and I really felt like loosing my breath to get on top 😀

View from Top of Mount Bromo


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